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Knuckle Bunny

Death Squad

A collection of apocalyptic punk rock bunnies on the Solana blockchain.


KBDS OG Series

The KBDS OG series art is a truly unique AI Generative art project (although it will be much more than just an art project) created by Killerbunny, who created all of the base images and refined the process over thousands of iterations to achieve the results and consistency he was looking for and what you see today. As we progress there will be additional series released, as well as a kick-ass illustrated series based on the OG AI Gen art by Killer & Artsy.


There are 8 Legendary 1/1’s included in the OG Series Collection, representing each of the 7 Burrows, and one Burrow Kingpin.

Meet The Knuckle Bunnies

Coming from a digital agency background, collectively, the KBDS Team represents more than 3 decades worth of experience in web design & development, graphic design, brand building, blockchain development, and online marketing.  While some of us are newer to the NFT space (I mean who isn’t really in the grand scheme…), we understand that much like any other product, bringing & communicating value, and building a recognizable brand is key. That is what we’ve done for our clients in the past, and that’s what we are doing with KBD$.

Killer Bunny

Boss Bunny & artist behind KBDS

Money Bunny

Project / Business Manager

Mad Bunny

Social / Marketing

Cyber Bunny

Website & Developer. also kick ass artist

Bugsy Bunny

Blockchain Dev & Discord Wizard

Sketchy Bunny

Comic Artist & Illustrator

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes KBDS different to other NFT projects?

At it’s heart, KBDS began as an art project. We freakin’ LOVE AI Generative art, and wanted to see if we could bring a completely new approach to the PFP nft space by utilizing AI gen art to build the initial series. The resulting collection showcases one of our key differentiators – the first of its kind AI Generated PFP Collection. We have an experienced team with a background in the digital agency space, giving us the marketing chops needed to promote KBDS to top project status. We have plans to reward holders of the collection, as well as a longer roadmap that is still being finalized. That said, we want this to be a community driven project and welcome our members input in the suggestions channel.

2. What are Knuckle Bunnies?

The OG Knuckle Bunny Death Squad Collection is a series of completely unique (one of one) characters created by our very own resident artist and AI gen art nut Killer Bunny that combines world class digital design with AI GAN generated images resulting in a first of it’s kind AI Generative art PFP collection. No two Knuckle Bunnies are the same, and they will have a wide variety of unique traits. We will be following the initial OG series with additional special releases, as well as an illustrated PFP collection based on the AI generated characters. OG collection holders will be rewarded…more on that to come.

3. When are you minting?

September 10, 2022

4. What is the price of each bunny?

We’ve officially set our price at 1.77 SOL

5. Will there be a presale? when is it and what's the price

Potentially, but we will likely be going straight to the main mint.

6. How do I get on the whitelist?

Our whitelisting is currently open – to secure a spot check out the whitelist-access channel, we will be having a number of challenges and contests coming up as well to earn your spot on the whitelist.

7. Is the artwork original?

100%. The initial OG KBDS Collection is comprised of a collection of AI – GAN generative art Bunnies. Killer Bunny has been working for months on the designs, refining the process, and developing the training training assets for the AI in order to achieve the results we were looking for…The resulting KBDS OG collection is a truly unique approach to PFP NFTs that is the first of it’s kind, and the base for what will be a top blue-chip project in our not so humble opinion. Following the initial mint of the OG collection we will be releasing a larger collection of illustrated ganster bunnies based on key characters from the OG collection.

8. Tell us about the team

Our creative team is based primarily in Canada, and have a professional background working in web development and digital marketing, with a focus on mobile gaming and e-sports, as well as a non professional and some may say questionable background in “street art”. We are fired up about all things web3, and LOVE the nft space and the tidal wave of creativity that has resulted. We’re also punk AF.

9. Do you have exciting plans for 2022?

You’re damn skippy we do. Jump into our discord (if invites are currently open) and watch the road-map channel for more details on what we have in mind for this project. We’re in early stages, and our goal is for this to be a truly community driven project, so make sure to drop your ideas in the suggestions channel!