We are working hard to finalize our roadmap and make sure that the KBDS experience you get here in the community kicks ass.

Original AI art series mint – OG KBDS Collection: 1777

Our initial collection of AI-generated NFTs. Holders of these bunnies will be the OGs and have VIP status for future airdrops, whitelist, presales, and other benefits as the project progresses. There will be a total of 1777 OG series bunnies.

Illustrative character NFT collection

This collection will be a series of hand drawn characters based on characters created in the OG series AI-generated art (wait till you see these babies!). These characters will be the base for future project development of comic, animated episodes, merch and more.

Community, Community, Community

Continue to build the brand, community, and value – we want the Knuckle Bunny Death Squad to be a household name in the future. We want to work with the community to develop the squad past just the initial art…things like a comic, animated episode, and ultimately a game/metaverse environment is where we’d like to go. We have partnerships with top mobile games dev companies and are in early talks about what this could look like. We don’t want to over-promise, just want you to know where our heads are at. KBDS is a lifestyle for us and we’re all in.