The Gangs of Steamtown

Riding further into this whirling vortex of steam and spectacle, you’re thrust into the iron embrace of Steamtown’s two primary factions: The Tin Machine and The Penny Drops. These gangs, these animated clusters of organized chaos, they epitomize the spirit of the Steampunks and Dieselpunks that call this bustling town their home.
The Tin Machine, a titanic tapestry of Dieselpunks and Steampunks, fashion their existence out of the rubble of the old world. These rabbits are the mad inventors of the burrow, their imaginations sparked by the incessant clanging of metal on metal. They breathe life into hunks of junk, twist wires and cogs into complex apparatus, and pilot steam-belching contraptions that seem to defy the very laws of nature. Theirs is a world of furious creation, a place where a rabbit with a wrench and a vision can forge miracles out of cast-offs. They are warriors in the truest sense, battling not only external foes but also the limitations of their resources and the boundaries of their knowledge.
Then there are The Penny Drops, a motley crew of rabbits who dance to the rhythm of their own gears. They are the philosophers and visionaries of Steamtown, the rabbits who gaze upon a heap of scrap and see potential. When a Penny Drops, the world shifts, possibilities expand, and the future gets a little bit brighter. These rabbits might seem mad to an outsider, with their steam-powered pocket watches and cog-encrusted vests, but in their madness lies a profound wisdom, a unique perspective that allows them to find beauty and promise in the wreckage.