The Outer

Ghost Rock Mines

In the brutal, barren landscape of The Outer, amidst the desolation and grit, lie the Ghost Rock Mines, home to the mysterious and highly coveted Ghost Rock, a luminescent mineral, strange and volatile as it is valuable. Its origins, as obscure as the crepuscular gloom that permeates the burrow, have become stuff of legends among the dwellers of the underground.

Ghost Rock, as locals have named it, emanates an eerie, ethereal glow, even in the darkest recesses of the mines. It’s a haunting beacon, its ghostly luminescence providing an eerie, yet fascinating spectacle. The Rock, in its raw form, is said to resemble the contours of a spectral apparition – hence its moniker.

The Skully rabbits, hardy miners that they are, have taken to the arduous task of extracting this unique resource. Yet, mining Ghost Rock is no ordinary task. It requires patience, a delicate hand, and a certain bravery to delve into the dark corners of The Outer. There is a ritualistic air about the whole process; the Skullys, donning their mining gear, venturing deep into the underbelly of the burrow, bathed only in the unearthly light of the Ghost Rock.
Yet, the usage of this precious material is shrouded in mystery. Despite its prevalence in The Outer, Ghost Rock is guarded fiercely. The Skullys, who mine it, keep their lips sealed, and any attempt to pry into the matter meets with a stony silence or vague mutterings. This secrecy has led to rampant speculation among the other burrows. Some believe it to be a potent energy source, while others whisper of it being a key to forgotten pre-Happening technology. Its real purpose, however, remains a closely guarded secret of The Outer.

As the Skully rabbits delve deeper into the earth, they come dangerously close to unearthing old remnants of a world long past. The deeper they dig, the more whispers of strange, hidden places begin to circulate. What secrets are buried beneath the harsh expanse of The Outer remains a mystery, much like the Ghost Rock itself. But for now, Ghost Rock remains a glowing enigma, a beacon in the dark, a secret the Outers have yet to fully reveal.