The Underground

Enter The Underground

You squint down a graffiti-ridden alley, seemingly banal, until in the distant shadows, something stirs – a forlorn poster, barely clinging to the scarred brickwork, flutters in the draught that whispers through this burrow. Your curiosity piqued, you draw closer, and it’s then you perceive it – the hum of pulsating music and the muffled echoes of melodies and lyrics reverberating beneath your feet. The Underground calls to you.

Born in the forgotten depths of city ruins and deserted subway tunnels, The Underground isn’t just another walled off corner of the burrows – it’s the unseen pulse beneath them all, sprawling subterranean tunnels snaking under the map of The Burrows. When not at the pulsing core of The Underground, hidden beneath the elevated highways of Neon Row, entrances can be stumbled upon in the most unexpected places within the other burrows. They’re often found where there’s an absence of rabbits – vacant, condemned structures, basements hollowed out and the walls of tunnels punctured to forge connections. Or, sometimes, they’re announced by the presence of small groups of Punks, Goths, Glams, or Hipsters, their silent comings and goings a nod to those in the know. Keep your ears up and your eyes peeled, you never know when a wrong turn could cause you to stumble into The Underground.

It’s here in the underground labyrinth that many come to score, trading in their tokens for a ticket to bliss, despair, and everything in between. They say all manners of mind-altering concoctions can be found here, if you know where to look, and if you’re willing to pay the price. Whispered rumours tell of a secret lab, a guarded nexus where the magic is brewed and the potions are concocted. Those who have attempted to locate this fabled haven of chemical romance have often vanished, their tales untold, their fates unknown. This only adds to the allure, the mystery, the danger that is The Underground.
The Underground pulses to its own rhythm, a culture anchored in the rhythm and harmony of its music and club scene. Harnessing the remnants of the power grid from the old subway network below Neon Row, it’s an unrivalled hotspot if you’re seeking a party that doesn’t discriminate. The popularity of these clubs often attract Disco Ravers or Rockers, drawn to the live music and thriving nightlife, adding another vibrant thread to the fabric of The Underground’s inhabitants.
The network of tunnels threading through The Underground, many painstakingly excavated by hand in recent years, represent a unique power in this world. Unlike other burrows, the rabbits of The Underground can expand their territory with a bit of grit, muscle, and ingenuity. Not all are fans of this expansion, yet some gangs, particularly those from Steamtown and The Outer, see the value. The residents of Steamtown trade their advanced mining tools and expertise in establishing electrical systems for the rich raw materials The Underground unearths, much to the chagrin of those in Neon Row. The Outer, on the other hand, offers structural materials, moonshine, medicinal supplies, and weaponry, plus a safe route in and out of their burrow for the denizens of The Underground.

Inhabitants of The Underground are defined by their passion for music, celebration, and their unique take on fashion. The glint of ornate pins, the smooth sheen of leather jackets, the flash of mirror-like sunglasses, and the statement of body piercings – all badges of honour amongst the rabbits who call this place home.

But don’t be deceived. These creatures aren’t just about glamour and glitz. Take the Glams, for example, for all their sparkle and shine, they possess a primal power that should never be underestimated. A Glam can possess a manicure sharper than any blade and platform boots capable of cracking skulls. Their charm is deceiving; underneath, they are as fierce as they come. They aren’t just party-goers or fashion enthusiasts; they are survivors, fighters, with each flashy accessory a testament to their resilience.

In The Underground, the line between charm and danger blurs, where one’s fortune can turn on a dime, and where the seemingly mundane can reveal extraordinary secrets. It’s a world where melody meets mystery, where the glitz of the surface masks the grit of the depths, where the pursuit of pleasure meets the peril of the unknown. But to the bunnies that call it home, it’s more than just a burrow; it’s a testament to survival, a haven for counterculture, and a place where they can embrace their ‘degenerate’ selves unapologetically.

So, welcome to The Underground, the pulsing heart beneath The Burrows, a place teeming with life, colour, and the odd touch of danger. But remember, not everything is as it seems, and curiosity, while enticing, may lead you down a rabbit hole from which there is no return.