The Underground

The Gangs of The Underground

A symphony of anarchy and resilience resounds in The Underground, led by the two predominant gangs – The Degens and The Broken & Lucky. Each gang is a hodgepodge of Punks, Goths, Glams, and Hipsters, with their own distinctive ethos and enigma.
First off, The Degens – they’re not just a gang; they’re a statement, an emblem of the raw edge of counterculture. They may lean more towards the Punk and Goth side, but they welcome all who embrace their philosophy of wild, untamed freedom. These are the ones who dance in the frenzy of mosh pits and ignite the party with their favorite treats – carrot-based substances that fuel their untamed energy. They’ve carved out their domain in the drug scene across The Burrows with an iron grip, their influence unyielding.
Next up are The Broken & Lucky, an amalgamation of Glams and Hipsters with a generous dash of Punks and Goths. They’re the underworld’s paradox – dark, violent, yet exuding an undeniable allure. The gang’s name comes from an ominous adage of The Underground: you’re lucky if a broken rabbit’s foot is all you get away with after a run-in with these bunnies. Their tales of survival echo off the graffiti-scrawled walls, their resilience palpable in every pulsating beat of The Underground’s heart.
Rumors rustle like whispers on the wind, linking these gangs to the shady dealings of Neon Row’s bunny chop shops. They’re said to have a keen interest in “spare parts”, offering a unique service to the Cyborg Rabbits looking to offload their unwanted augmentations.